Caught in the Web

The web is a treasure-trove of good biblical material. There is much knowledge to be gained and much inspiration to find. Here are different podcasts that I listen to on occasion and other websites that contain helpful resources.


Matt Chandler – Chandler is the lead preacher at The Village Church in Highland, TX. Powerful speaker who mixes good humor with convicting truth.

John Piper – Piper is the lead pastor at Bethlehem Baptist in Minnesota. He is a Reformed Baptist and also author of the well-known book Desiring God. His podcast is Desiring God Ministries. Bold proclaimer of the gospel who carefully works his way through Scripture little by little.

Ravi Zacharias – Well-known defender of the faith who is top-notch at confronting those with arguments against Christianity. Born in India, he brings knowledge of the eastern world and its philosophies and challenges them and the west with the truth claims of Christianity. Powerful to listen to.

Other Web Material

Tim Keller page – Tim Keller is the lead pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. Solid Reformed thinker who has written The Reason for God and The Prodigal God. Someone has put together a page filled with his written sermons, audio material, and other resources. The link is

NT Wright page – NT Wright is a leading New Testament scholar who is currently the bishop of Durham in the Anglican Church. You can find a gold-mine of his written material and audio material at

Gospel Coalition – “The Gospel Coalition” is a group of ministers and professors who are committed to proclaiming the gospel and equipping church leaders to do the same. Names include, D. A. Carson, K. Edward Copeland, Mark Driscoll, Tim Keller, John Piper and others. At the website, you can find various material including all the audio of their most recent conference based on II Timothy. Powerful speakers who encourage the church to the same boldness.


1 Response to Caught in the Web

  1. Jan says:

    Excellent idea. Thank you for thinking of it. Can’t wait to pick up new material.
    With such busy lives you’ve made it easier to have more time with God’s perspective.
    Keep the ideas flowing.

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