Books I Recommend

These books have challenged me, inspired me, and allowed me to grow deeper in my walk with Christ. I list them so they can possibly do the same for you, although I acknowledge that books hit different people differently. If you’d like to read one, feel free to stop by and see if my copy is available.

Favorite Authors and Books

Calvin, John

            Institutes of the Christian Religion – I cannot say I’ve read it in entirety yet. The opening of the book is one I come back to again and again to be reminded of the incredible holiness of our God, the lowliness of ourselves, and the life-changing grace that bridges that gap. Calvin writes with a truthful passion and carefulness that deeply nourishes.

Chesterton, G. K.

             The Everlasting Man -Incredible book about how Jesus fits into the longings of the world and how he challenges the assumptions of the world. Key book in C. S. Lewis’s conversion.

             Orthodoxy – Written around 100 years ago, but incredibly relevant for our time as it challenges the assumptions of our secular mindset.

Keller, Tim

              The Prodigal God – An extended look at the Parable of the Lost Son that concentrates on the older brother. A challenging call to the church to be the incarnation of God’s grace.

Lewis, C. S.

            The Great DivorceA book that lifted my imagination of what God’s way of life, beauty, and truth really are. A quick and short read as well.

            The Screwtape LettersPowerful book that delves into the temptations that threaten us each day. Does a masterful job at dissecting the subtle lies that we often fall for.

Plantinga, Neal

            Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be: A Breviary of Sin – This is a book I refer back to often as it powerfully unmasks the threat and power of sin in our world. It convicts one to seeking holiness.

Yancey, Philip

            Rumors of Another World – Speaks to the longings of humanity that he ultimately argues are found in Jesus Christ. Speaks to the common person who desires something greater than themselves. 

            What’s So Amazing About Grace – Presents the scandalous uniqueness of God’s grace. Challenges Christians to embrace God’s scandalous way and bring this healing to the world.

Wright, N. T.


2 Responses to Books I Recommend

  1. Matt Karsten says:

    Ever read Desiring God by John Piper or Sex and the Supremacy of Christ (by the same author)?
    Both books are strong biblical theological grounded and (to me) give strong argument to knowing God is not just about doing the right things (though that is part of a christian walk), but, also that there is real feelings (good ones joy for example) that love is a choice but it’s also more than a choice to do the right thing, the ooey gooey love is part of the equation and if we aren’t experiencing the joyful ooey gooey feelings towards God in living a life of obedience, then we may have to repent of being lukewarm and like the israelites “they worship me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me”.

    • pastorben222 says:

      I have read Desiring God, but not the other. That would be another book I could list. I did include Piper on my web suggestions page. I appreciate his incites and boldness for the gospel. He is one I listen to rather frequently. Thanks for the comment. Blessings.

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